Allen Davis

Tad Smith


CAMP 1627


Cosby Courier, Newsletter of Camp 1627 Summer 2016

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to take a moment to say what an honor it was to be with all those who joined us at the Silveyville Cemetery in Dixon this morning. I was so proud to be part of this experience that brought together the SCV, SUVCW, UDC, DUVCW, reenactors and community members to honor six Confederate Veterans and to mark the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.
Following the ceremony about 19 folks ended up eating lunch together at Bud's Pub in Dixon and that was also a very nice time of fellowship.
Every single person who commented on the ceremony talked about what a great experience it was and that is a testimony to each of you who took time to participate. Members of the community commented on how moving the ceremony was and excited they were to have been witness to our program today.
I just counted the names on the guest register and came up with 54...but just walking from my office back to my laptop I've come up with a handful of others who were there but who did not sign the list. We printed 70 programs and didn't have any left. In fact we had at least one person at the end of the ceremony who asked if we had any more! So, we had over 70 people in attendance!
Tad Smith, the Adjutant for the Gen. George Blake Cosby Camp 1627 sent me this statement in an e-mail following the ceremony (hope it's okay to share this, Tad!): "What an impressive ceremony! I have been in the SCV for 21 years, and this was certainly the highlight."
The 21 gun salute (cannon & rifles) followed by TAPS was moving...and LOUD!
Cindy Eddy stated that she was impressed by how many individual members of our camp were named in the program as participating in the ceremony. Of course that doesn't include all of those who worked behind the scenes on things that didn't make it to the written program (picking Dr. Silver up from the airport & making sure his time in CA is enjoyable & then taking him back to the airport tomorrow; picking up roses to lay at the Confederate graves; contributing nearly $500 to the Camp treasury to make sure we had the funds to pull this off and on and on).
I was also moved by Mary Batchelor's verbal agreement that we should work to prepare a monument for the cemetery to honor all the Civil War veterans buried there. That's something we WILL do and I appreciate having the City of Dixon behind us in that effort.
The next project, or perhaps I should say the last remaining piece of THIS project is to collect all the pictures that were taken and prepare a document that incorporates all the pictures and the speeches that were given into something (a yearbook of sorts) to share with whomever might be interested in having it. If you took any pictures at any point in the ceremony, please forward them to me as soon as possible.
I have all the narratives from the speeches with the exception of Cindy Eddy's remarks and the updated remarks by Joe Marti (I have Gen. Chamberlain's words, but not the additional thoughts you presented today). If Cindy and Joe could send those to me, I would greatly appreciate it.
It's funny, but I was so afraid someone would forget to bring their presentations today that I had everything printed and in the binder on the podium. I told a couple of folks that I could have dropped dead and you all could have pulled me out of the way and not missed a beat in the program! I'm glad we didn't have to test my theory, however!
I was very proud of each and every person who took part today...from the men marching in uniform, to the men (Dave Schleeter and Bill Campbell) who posted the colors, to all the speakers, to the cannon and rifle squads, to our "widow" (Jean) who participated in the wreath laying ceremony with Joe Marti and my, to (fill in the blank). GREAT JOB!
I think I've said enough for now. I'm sorry we didn't get this video taped, but am grateful that I saw a lot of cameras out. We should be able to put together a very good commemorative book from today's ceremony.
Thank you all again!
Warm Regards,
Allen Davis


Compatriots and Friends:
I just wanted to share with everyone that the Civil War Remembrance Day ceremony being hosted by the Gen. George Blake Cosby Camp 1627, SCV on May 30 is the LEAD STORY in today's Dixon Tribune! I have attached the picture of the front page that was sent to me by Adjutant Tad Smith We have put a lot of work into this event and are getting good press coverage. I even had a dream about the event last night! I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Saturday.

Allen Davis
Commander Camp 1627
2nd Lt. Cmdr CA Division